Saturday, July 6, 2013

Joyeux Anniversaire Anthropologie! {Cheers to 20 Years}

Update: Blushing & oh, so honored <3!  Did your Instagram photo make Anthropologie's must-see list? Mine did, eeek!  See their top picks {including mine} by clicking here.

In celebration of anthropologie’s 20th anniversary, they have rolled out an archival collection featuring 20 pieces of anthro faves from over the past two decades.
So, let me pose the question, what’s more classic than a “pencil” pencil skirt?

 (Source: Anthropologie)
I adore this skirt because it is classic in shape and a has a sense of humor and a touch of whimsy. Oh the cleverness, they took classic No. 2 pencils and added a twist by dousing them in vibrant colors and then they took this classic shape and constructed it out of this amazing print.

How I like to pair my No.2 Pencil Skirt:

When I saw the skirt in the archival collection, my initial reaction was that of flattery and excitement to see that one of my very own coveted items was featured in the 20 all time faves. A validation of good taste, perhaps? {wink}
If you want one too, click here!
Happy Shopping!