Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thrifting Thursday

I thought I'd start a new kind of post, one that shares thrifting treasures, because who doesn't like to score something rad for a fraction of the original retail?

I found myself with some extra time last week and thought I'd pop into the tiny thrift store that is , <gasp> within walking distance from our place. I've lived here for coming up on a year and I had yet to set foot inside! Most of that was due to the move and realizing I had too much stuff and adding more didn't seem like the best idea. Anyway, some time has passed and my thrifting urges needed to be satiated (yes thrifting can be addicting). I gave my self a budget and went inside! Let's just start by saying they had a Milly dress for only $10, a J.Crew blouse in like new condition for $6 and Facconable button downs for $3.50!! Say what?! Obviously the whole store wasn't at that level, but there were definitely treasures to be had!

I settled on this vintage and anthropolgie-esque mini vase.

Cutest thing ever, right? Rang in at 4 bucks! Best yet, it doesn't take up that much room <happy dance>.

Now to get some fresh cut blooms to fill it with...


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