Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving from DC to LA #Roadtrip

We say goodbye to our life of just over four years in Northern Virginia and hello to endless sunshine in our new chapter taking place in Southern California. Here's a little snippet from our road trip!

On the first day, we wear pearls
I've moved many times since turning 18 (from Tucson straight to the Bronx: Go Rams!), for now we're staying put and I couldn't be happier. This last move was a doozy- seriously there is no better term for it than that. With my fiance being gone weeks at a time for work, myself working full-time and keeping our ridiculously over sized home {for 2} clean and tidy for showings was a true test of time management and my ability to work under pressure. It was all worth it to now be settling in and checking out our new surroundings. Later on I will share what I learned in staging our home and the process of preparing for a cross-country move- so get ready!
From Thumbs' perspective

Windblown & exhausted but happy :)

Now that we are here. We made a pact to go to the beach every Sunday in June- we are loving this new tradition and have carried it into August!

Zuma Beach, Malibu
Thanks for stopping by ThriftyGlam, I can't wait to share more about this new adventure, fun fashion, recipes and oh so much more!  XoXo


  1. wait...what?! I saw a road trip...didn't realize it was a MOVE! Congrats!!!

    1. It was a road trip and a cross country move all in one! So happy to be here :) Let's get together next time I come home- xo!