What ThriftyGlam Was:
Heather Buck, Owner & Fashion Curator of ThriftyGlam, has spent numerous years working in the retail industry. Ranging from popular retailers, to upscale boutiques, and consignment shops- she has had a perfectly accessorised hand in just about all of it. With her savvy experience and love for "stimulating" the economy, she dreamed a little dream that would bring affordable fashion to other fashionistas like herself. Heather views her own closet as an art exhibit, where each piece is wearable art, this is the atmosphere she wanted for her online store. Spotlight: ThriftyGlam, an online re-sale boutique with pieces selling for a fraction of original retail and often still with the tags attached!
The collection at ThriftyGlam showcases popular brands and designer pieces that are fun, whimsical and most importantly handpicked. The beauty of an online re-sale boutique is that you don't have to wait until business hours to have the thrill of hunting for that next great piece.
>>Shop my closet at: @ShopThriftyGlam<

What ThriftyGlam is Now:
ThriftyGlam has transitioned to a blog with aspirations to deliver fashion tips & picks, incredible finds, delish recipes and anything else inspiring {or a few of my own personal experiences}.  Enjoy!


A little bit about Moi :
  • I'm always up to learn something new- thank you google and thank you YouTube for tutorials!
  • Nothing is better to me than turning the actual pages of a book- though there are significant positive arguments for an e-reader- I am unable to commit to that sort of technology just yet- Never say: "never"!
  • I have a yorkie named Thumballina, but she goes by Thumbs.
  • I love to craft and bake- baking usually wins out because I cannot sample my crafting creations.
  • I have a degree in economics and am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Massachusetts.
  • I love a good cup o'joe-- "I put coffee in my coffee." #truth
  • Witty sayings get me excited. Most recently: McDonald's commercial when they termed "Eco-nomnom-nomics" -- pretty sure it referred to their dollar menu. Kudos ad guy who came up with that term!
  • I seek solace in nature- as and adult spending time outside is limited but when I do, I sure do appreciate it that much more.
  • Performing little acts of kindness gives me all the feels- I get the same satisfaction out of gift giving
  • Gosh I could go on- want to know something more?                            
 Shoot me an email: Heather-at-ThriftyGlam.Com

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