Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pinspired: Nails with Glitter Moons

A fresh manicure is always tres chic.  It seems everywhere I look there is an abundance of creativity happening in the world of nail art. I generally don't polish my nails because for some strange/sad reason my nails weaken and reject the polish. I'm talking professional manicure starts chipping on day two. Sad, right? My nails just want to be free, much to my dismay.

 Anyway, I came across this pin and thought it was just beyond gorgeous and I used this as my "pinspiration" to create my own take on this glitter trend.

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I chose Hot Pink because I'm beyond obsessed with this color. It's usually one of my go-to colors for my toes. "Like mother, like daughter"- growing up my mom had a vast collection of various shades of bright pink polish- perhaps this is where the love affair with hot pink started?

I applied a quick base coat and then did two coats of the hot pink polish {China Glaze in "Shocking Pink"} After the last coat dried, I grabbed the Revlon "Girly" and took off as much excess polish as I could manage at the lip of the bottle. Doing that left behind a nice little clump of glitter to work with. With this clump I gently dabbed it around my "moons"-- once satisfied with the concentrated amount of glitter- I performed a delicate swoop up the rest of my nail to create a sparse scattering. To top it all off: a final coat of Sech Vite- the fastest drying top coat I have ever encountered, EVER.

Finished Product Paired With a Sweet Arm Party

1st Two Bracelets: Unknown: Aqua Stretch Bracelet: J.Crew --Sold Out-- Similar Here/  Hot Pink: Headband-Old Navy/  Brass Woven & Beaded Bracelet: Andrea Bocchio --Similar Here

China Glaze: Shocking Pink & Flip Flop Fantasy

 If you are hunting for some seriously fab neon polish- China Glaze doesn't disappoint! Above are my two absolute favorites that are in constant rotation. My only advice would be that you need a top coat, otherwise this polish tends to dry in a pseudo matte finish.

What's your favorite Hot Pink Polish? Share with me in the comments below!


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