Friday, August 15, 2014

Clotheshorse: Overwhelming Wardrobe Woes

You know that saying "clotheshorse"? {which by the way is considered <gasp> derogatory- who knew!?} Lately, I've been feeling a bit more like a "clothes mule". I have too many clothes- no, really wayyy too many. Some articles of clothing have been with me for what feels like since the beginning of time. I've always been a little bit excessive and have tendencies that lean toward the hoarder variety (I take really good care of my wardrobe). I know I'm not alone in my ridiculous rationalizations with why I should hold onto something versus letting it go. For example: What if I need this {enter specific color here} top for a costume or a theme day at work... do I really want to go out and buy it again when I can just hang on to it…and so it goes. I come up with the dumbest excuses for why I keep things. The other thing that I've got going against me is my memory. I can literally just hold an item  and be immediately transported back to some magical moment in time. Instant memory recall associated with an overabundance of STUFF. So unless it's something super meaningful, like "he proposed to me in this dress", or "I graduated law school and these were the shoes I wore"- those are some serious momentous occasions and worth hanging on to. Rationalizations on keeping something you really have no interest in seeing in your closet or ever wearing again- probably time to set that little birdie free.

Non-artist- will stick to baking :)

So as one of my previous posts already mentioned; I've recently moved- from one coast to another.
Here's what I have learned: 
Each time I have moved I have acquired more space and ultimately more stuff- YIKES!
This last time we had a tight timeline to sell the home and in order to do that in an expeditious fashion, we staged it beautifully and kept it immaculate- it was dubbed "the model home." As noted above- I have soooo much stuff. You really can't sell a spacious closet the size of a room when it looks less than half it's size because it's crammed with gobs of clothing, shoes and accessories- stacked from floor to ceiling (like no joke- I'm kind of embarrassed). So I graciously took some wise advice and pared down the closet with key items. Clothing that stayed were items I would need to get dressed for work comfortably for the next month or so and some casual weekend wear and obviously a few of my "art pieces." I refer to certain pieces in my closet as "art" because yeah, maybe I haven't worn them yet or they will only see the light one special day- but they are gorgeous and make me happy just looking at them; magnificent wonders of craftsmanship and exuding of femininity.

What did I learn from all of that? It was so much easier getting dressed for the day. LIKE OH-M-GEE soooo much easier. This is a topic I will likely touch on several times as it seems to be a constant struggle and I really want my full-time closet to feel like the staged one did. Anyone else out there having a similar dilemma?


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