Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artful Gifting

You know when you meet a person that shares your aesthetic… It’s kind of like an “ahhhh” moment. Well, that is how I felt when I met E. It was a form of love at first sight. Love for a shared taste in colors, clothing and accessories….and later to find out food. Since we share such similar tastes, it is no surprise that she is an excellent gift giver as well.

Case in point:

Bonjour hot pink gems! I have been coveting these little beauties ever since I saw them at the Loft.  But wait! The fabulous-ity doesn’t stop there….

Exhibit #2:

This bag is clearly awesome; it has the neon factor, it totes all of my random things that “I have to have with me at all times” and has the best self affirmation ever!
So everyone out there, this is the quote of the week “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”!

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