Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baby Gift Giving 101

I am slightly obsessed when it comes to buying baby gifts. Fashion in miniature is hands down one of the most adorable aspects of baby gift giving!

This post focuses on the co-worker or acquaintance that's having a baby. You usually don't know them as well as a bestie so putting in uber personal touches is a bit more difficult. However, creating a special and fun gift for their impending arrival is easy!

One of my favorite places to go is T.J.Maxx. You can score so much more when you have a budget to stick to while creating a complete and perfect gift!

  • Instead of wrapping or gravitating to the good ol' stand by of a gift bag, buy something that the parents can re-purpose in the baby's nursery. I found this wooden crate for $9.99. I'm not sure of their nursery's color scheme, (this is for a co-worker of my fiance's) but I choose a neutral color that could just as easily be stored in the baby's closet to hold toys or books.                                           
  • I always like to include a toy, it just adds some whimsy and sweetness to any gift. This Bunnies by the Bay chickie was only $4.99, they generally retail at boutiques for much more.
  • Always pick up a book, after all, reading is fundamental! When one of my dear friends had her baby shower I took it a step further and tracked down my favorite book from my childhood (which they still print!) and wrote a personalized note to her sweet little munchkin.
Toys & Book
  • If you're going to buy clothes, size up! Likely the parents are well stocked on newborn gear and you never know if this baby might weigh-in a little above average. I like to buy a neutral blanket and an outfit, however this time I went with two outfits instead. Absorba is one of my fave brands for the littles- super cute and great quality!

Absorba: T.J.Maxx

Heirloom: T.J.Maxx

A little something for the Dad-to-be!

Final Product (minus personalized gift tag)

Baby Shower Gift w/ Wheelie Ladybug

1st Birthday Book Themed Gift

What's your go-to baby gift?

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